First Album from Singer-Songwriter Udro

Singer-songwriter Udro released his first full-length album on April 7th. Self-titled and self-produced the album includes all four songs from his two previously released singles and as many new songs alongside an instrumental version of “영원한 건 없어”. In time for the release Udro has also recorded a video for “영원한 건 없어” and through his YouTube channel he offers samples also for the older songs.


The songs on Udro’s second single In State College, released in November last year, were “In State College” and “Dear Tiny Infant Jesus (나의 친구되신 아기 예수)”:



From the first single Merry-Go-Round came “가을소풍 (An Autumn Picnic)” and “회전목마 (Merry-Go-Round)”:


Sources: Hyang Music; Udro Music

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