New Single and Music Video from Cold Cherry

Formed as a duo in 2009, Cold Cherry released their first single as a trio on February 29th after recruiting a drummer through auditions. The title of the single is 낮달 as is the name of the song on the single, also included is an instrumental version.

Connected to Mint Paper through the Support Your Music 2011 campaign, Cold Cherry released their first single in September 2011 with members from Daybreak and Have a Tea helping out with additional instruments. Cold Cherry also got to play GMF2011, had a song on the cafe: night & day compilation and recorded the 2012 Mint Radio CM song.

Here’s the music video for “낮달”:


Here are the original two members of Cold Cherry performing their cafe: night & day song “Love Song” for Support Your Music:


And here is a chance to sample all the songs on Cold Cherry’s debut single, After the Rain:

Sources: Korean rock is real; Mint Shop; maniadb; Bugs Music.

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