Last Minute 2K12 Seoulsonic Tour Details

The 2K12 Seoulsonic North America tour with Korean indie legend 3rd Line Butterfly and Crying Nut together with awesome fresh rock band Yellow Monsters is kicking off tomorrow in San Francisco. Unfortunately there’ll be no Yellow Monsters at the SF show because of health reasons, but there’s no need to be too disappointed as that just means even more time to enjoy the other two bands that after a decade and a decade and a half respectively have plenty of hits to offer.

In other news the Seoulsonic event at the Canadian Music Fest on March 21st has turned into the full blown 2K12 Korea Night with a set of K-pop artists–A Pink, Teen Top, G.Na and Brian Joo–opening (or so we can say) for the Seoulsonic bands. Full details and samples at the 2K12 Korea Night Facebook page.

Learn more about the 2K12 Seoulsonic bands on the main site and check out the official 2K12 Seoulsonic North America tour dates here.

Source: Seoulsonic

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