VOY meet Gyepy, Han Hee Jung, Oh Ji Eun

End of last year VOY made a return with new project VOY meet girl. The three member modern rock band debuted with album Fragile in 2006 and followed up with an EP called 쉬어가기 a year later. Since then VOY, led by soundtrack composer and producer Lee Byung Hun, have taken on an acid pop flavor and, as the title of the project implies, invited female vocalists to sing.

Two VOY meet girl digital singles were released on December 7th and 16th respectively and a six track EP followed suit on December 27th. First to be featured was Gyepy, who had been singing songs of Lee Byung Hun’s already during their time together in Ukulele Picnic. Next followed Han Hee Jung, singing a song called “기억을 쓴다” that since has gotten a music video:


Additionally, most of the other songs on the EP have all gotten sampler videos. Here’s a taste of Gyepy singing “Ever Ever” and Oh Ji Eun singing “바람의노래”:



Ahn Sinae offered her vocals on “케세라세라” and IS triplet Kim Jin-ah sang “밀실”:



Ahn Sinae also contributed to “마지막 부탁” for which a full music video has been filmed by The Dark Night Film Festival:


Sources: Bugs Music; FromCharlie official YouTube channel

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