Horan Sings for Yoon Jong Shin’s Monthly Project

February is almost hear meaning that it’s time for singer Yoon Jong Shin to release a new digital single in his Monthly Project. The project has been running since April 2010 and often involves a featured artist. The February 2012 edition, 2012 月刊 尹鍾信 February, offers a song called “그리움 축제” featuring Clazziquai‘s and Ibadi‘s Horan.

Also participating on the single are Seoul Electric Band drummer Shin Seok Chul and Moida Band bassist Choi Hoon playing their respective instruments. Cho Jung Chi, who was briefly in a joint a project with Yoon Jong Shin called Shinchi, played the guitar for the song, and Kim Hyo Kook of late 80’s/early 90’s rock band November contributed with some Hammond organ play.

The music video was revealed a few hours ago:


Source: Bugs Music

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