Crow vocalist on stage for latest I Am A Singer

As Jaurim did not have a graduation stage to celebrate graduating from I Am A Singer (나는 가수다) we’ve run out of excuses to offer commentary on the show on this blog for now. At least for me, however, that does not mean I’ll stop watching the show which means there is still the opportunity for some indie spotting while watching.

Just like in the previous round, Park Wan Gyu saw fit to bring Jo Pilsung of Christian power metal band Jeremy on stage for extra guitar effects while performing Shin Sung Woo‘s 내일을 향해. Surprising all the more was Yoon Min Soo who in his performance of Lee Chi Hyun & But Nim Dul‘s 집시여인 brought in Jang Hak, vocalist of alternative metal band Crow, for a bit of screaming. Anybody finding either of these reason enough to purchase a digital single should seek out <나는 가수다> 경연 14-1, release on January 8.

3 Comments Crow vocalist on stage for latest I Am A Singer

  1. helikoppter

    Problem is I Am A Singer is the only Korean TV I watch… I had planned something similar before the hiatus though, using some of Bugs special pages to track what’s going on. Perhaps time to bring those plans back to life!

    “Indiespotting” is a good name. I’ll take it!


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