Weekly Review Roundup, week 30

A bunch of reviews from last week:

보싸다방 - 여행의 시작
Another stellar review, courtesy of Impossible Black Tulip, this time covering the latest digital single from Bossa Dabang: 리뷰 Review: “사랑, 그 끝없는” ~ 보싸다방 (나희경과 로베르토 메네스칼) “Um Amor” ~ Bossadabang (Na Hee-Kyung & Roberto Menescal)

Johnelle of Seoulbeats has grown fond of 10cm‘s take on 잊어야 한다는 마음으로, released on the Kim Kwang Seok tribute album a couple of weeks ago, and consequently included it on last week’s “5 Things I LOVED in Kpop This Week” list: 10CM to forgetting you

E C H O E D - echoed라이너스의 담요 (Linus' Blanket) - Semester EP메이트 (Mate) - 플레이 (Play)
Although busy far away from home, Chris Park still made sure readers of wakesidevision were treated to some new reviews:
ECHOED – The “echoed” Review (free download here!)
Linus’ Blanket – Semester Review
메이트 (Mate) – Play OST Review

체리 필터 (Cherry Filter) 4집 - Peace N' Rock N' Roll자우림 - Jaurim 'True' Live
More reviews also from refresh_daemon of Init_Music:
Replay: Cherry Filter – Peace N’ Rock N’ Roll
Inbox: Jaurim – ‘True’ Live

스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg) - Lucky
And to conclude this review roundup, here’s a review of the latest Standing Egg, written my a new contributor of McRoth’s Residence: [Review] Standing Egg – Lucky

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