Serial killer romance comic app with k-indie music trailers

ill-Fated Relationship Chapter 1
Manhwa company iSeeToon publishes Korean web comics – “webtoons”, apparently – in English as applications for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Earlier this week, June 28, the company released a “dark romance” story called
ill-Fated Relationship, 20 chapters romance between serial killers, written by Hwang Joon Ho. mrkwang is working for the company in question and has held an interview with the author in question: Interview : ‘Hwang Joon Ho’, author of [Ill-fated relationship]
PR : Korean Indie Music for trailers of Dark Romance Comics app!

With mrkwang (who most will recognize as the foremost retailer of Korean indie music CDs) involved in the project the trailers promoting the ill-Fated Relationship application all came accompanied by some fine Korean indie music:
500wonSad: Side M [Storyberry]
The Invisible Fish – 습: Side W [Storyberry]
• 500won – Showoff: Side T [Storyberry]
(If you’re in Korea use the Storyberry links for some extra functionality in connection to the videos)

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