Mini-Interview with Neon Bunny

I met Yoojin Lim about a year ago and took an immediate liking to her. She mentioned that she was working on a solo project to hopefully be released in the fall, and I began eagerly awaiting it. Now it’s finally here, and although uncomfortable with interviews as well as English writing she was so sweet as to answer a few questions about Neon Bunny anyway:

Could you please start by introducing Neon Bunny?
Neon Bunny is a one man band. It doesn’t really have any meaning, it was just named by my friend.

Although with an electro base your sound is quite varied. What are your main influences and sources of inspiration?
I’m influenced by Ladyhawke and Phoenix. My main inspiration is people, films, books, new locations and cities.

You’ve previously played a bit of keyboard on stage with the very popular The Black Skirts. How different was that to fronting your own act now?
I’ve just finished my first album release show case and I was really surprised that I could actually see everyone who came to my show. I didn’t really care about that when I was playing the keyboard in the band.

What can you share about Seoulight?
Well it’s all up to you

If that wasn’t enough for you, 10Asia has a lengthier interview well worth a read that to me felt like meeting her again:
[INTERVIEW] Neon Bunny – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Neon Bunny – Part 2

If you have yet to check her lovely music out, the music video for 조금씩 다가와줘 was launched earlier this week. And don’t forget that Neon Bunny’s own favorite track, Long-D, is this month’s South Korean MAP song, available as a free download!

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  1. CrookedSmile

    Thanks a lot for this post!
    I really love her album, it’s one of my favourite releases so far this year :)


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