Indieful ROK Music Chart 2010

Indieful ROK Unique Artist Chart
While I haven’t been posting the Indieful ROK charts for a while – thinking you would be better served if I spent that time posting some actual news – I did keep track of those unique artists charts throughout the year. Albeit missing a few weeks (7 to be exact – mostly a result of my slacking, but unfortunately produced no charts for the last two weeks of 2010), the top artists on the chart distinguished themselves enough for me to be comfortable to publish a top 10 list of the artists that defined the unique listening habits of members of Indieful ROK’s group.

Each week the top 10 artists on the unique artists chart for our group got a point from 10 to 1 depending on position, and the result from adding those scores is the basis of the top list below.

Indieful ROK TOP10 – 2010
1. Casker [꼭 이만큼만 MV]
2. Nell [Fisheye Lens live]
3. Han Hee Jeong [잔혹한 여행 live]
4. Humming Urban Stereo [Hawaiian Couple MV]
5. Loveholic [화분 MV]
6. Jaurim [미안해 널 미워해 (live)]
7. Donawhale [A Spring Day MV]
8. Misty Blue [여름 궁전 MV]
9. Bluedawn [Love Song live]
10. Clazziquai Project [Flea MV]

The full details are available here.

Does the list above correspond well to your own listening preferences? If not, what do you think the chart should look like? Me, I only had one of those artists in my own top 10.

Oh, and if you wonder about the pretty icon on top, it was made by Mardi, that participated in the chart icon design competition in November winning a signed D.O.T album. You’ll be seeing her other designs here shortly.

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  1. helikoppter

    So will I, but somehow I have a feeling Slow Fuzz will more than compensate for that.

    As much as I enjoyed what little Korean music I heard of 2010, I have a feeling 2011 will be even more exciting ^^


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