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오소영 1집 - 기억상실네스티요나 (Nastyona) 1집 - 아홉가지 기분
refresh_daemon has had listen to O So Young‘s 2001 debut album: Inbox: 오소영 – 기억상실

He’s also shared some thoughts on the first full length album from Nastyona: Inbox: Nastyona – 아홉가지 기분. I was not impressed with the album at first, missing everything that was fantastic about debut EP Bye Bye My Sweet Honey, but have since come to find it very agreeable. Definitely a band to check out if you’re interested in some alternative rock out of the ordinary with female vocals.

옐로우 몬스터즈 (Yellow Monsters) 1집
Chris Park puts the self-titled debut album from Yellow Monsters among the best albums of 2010: Yellow Monsters (옐로우 몬스터즈) – Self-Titled Review. I finally gave the album a listen myself today and it is indeed a solid rock album. My one complaint would be that the all over present pop punk element makes me feel old while listening, but nonetheless I’d like to say it’s pretty awesome.

Youn Sun Nah - Same Girl
London Korean Links favorite Youn Sun Nah will have her new album Same Girl released in the UK tomorrow, September 27. Philip Gowman remains enthusiastic: CD review: Nah Youn Sun – Same Girl

김현식 20th Anniversary - 비처럼 음악처럼
Back in January the first part of the Kim Hyun Sik 20th Anniversary tribute album was released. That one featured both Ibadi and W&Whale, and with the release of the full 2CD+DVD set on May 11 and other interesting name could be found on the tracklist as Loveholics has covered 언제나 그대 내곁에. Soompi has a review: Album Review – Kim Hyun Sik 20th Anniversary Tribute Album

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