No Reply album and other updates

노리플라이 (No Reply) 2집 - Dream
On September 15, Happy Robot‘s pop duo No Reply released second full length album Dream. On the same day a music video for main track 내가 되었으면 was launched, and those that wish to sing along can find the lyrics on the Happy Robot blog.

Some time ago Violet Sweets shared a bunch of information on the album in question: More Infos on No Reply’s 2nd Album. Violet Sweets also offers some information on the digital single No Reply are expected to release together with actress Han Hyo Joo next week: Han Hyo Joo makes her debut as singer together with No Reply

When not writing No Reply related news for Violet Sweets, wassereis added English subtitles to an old interview: No Reply SSTV sub

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