YB vs. RRM and DFSB on Soundcloud

DFSB Kollective sent out a press release yesterday concerning Yoon Band/YB‘s international launch of new EP YB vs RRM today, July 21. RRM is short for Risque Rhythm Machine – a DJ trio I first heard of thanks to their Dead Or Alive on last year’s We Love DJs compilation – and as the “vs.” in the title implies RRM have been remixing some YB songs.

The mini album features a couple of old YB songs in English versions alongside Victor Tsoi cover Blood Type (first recorded in Korean for YB’s 4th full length in 1999) in Russian: Группа крови (Blood Type). Read more at The Korea Herald.

An EP sampler is available on Soundcloud. Learning about it I realized that DFSB Kollective has plenty more songs available there – some really interesting ones even available for download!

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