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Acoustic Coffee
Although this is my first mention of it on the blog, since a couple of months Indieful ROK has been part of a Korea focused English language community from Tatter&Media going by the name Nanoomi (more on that later, I hope). Thanks to Nanoomi I’ve gotten to know the lovely Cynthia who kindly introduced me to some really nice people while I was in Korea, including a couple of entrepreneurs working with projects related to Korean indie music.

One of those entrepeneurs, Hwang Ryong operates something called Blayer which is basically an online music player with Korean indie music. The acts on Blayer are primarily unsigned, fairly new names but as I’m sure you’re aware that doesn’t mean the music isn’t good. One of these days I’m hoping to find enough time to make a playlist with personal favorites..

The same guy is arranging a series of concerts under the name Acoustic Coffee at various cafés in or around Hongdae Monday through Sunday next week (May 17-23). Hongdae – the area where just about everything fun music related happens in Seoul – is absolutely packed with cute and/or stylish cafés so if you’re in the neighbourhood this could be the perfect opportunity to try a few of them while entertained by live music. Check out the schedule here, where there’s also more info on the cafés if you have a look in the “category” section of the side bar. If you want to hear something from the artists before heading out for that cup of coffee, Blayer is your friend.

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