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I usually turn to Hyang Music to learn about upcoming releases, but every now and then information of that kind reaches me through my feed reader.

뜨거운 감자 - Imaginary Sound Track: 시소
1 night 2 days fansubs share some details on Hot Potato‘s IST – “imaginary sound track” – for Seesaw (시소): Hot Potato’s 시소 (Seesaw). They also point to a teaser for the movie itself: Seesaw Movie teaser. The CD will be out on March 30.

치즈 스테레오 (Cheez Stereo - 화성 로맨스
Indie rock band Cheezstereo too will have a CD out on March 30, according to boonga Boonga Records. It’s an EP titled 화성 로맨스, and a music video for the title track can be found on YouTube.

A few days later, April 2 to be specific, hardcore label Townhall Records will release a compilation called Our Pride, Our Scene featuring seven bands.

Violet Sweets offers some information on Naru‘s soon to be released second full length album, Yet: [Naru] New Infos on 2nd Album. Violet Sweets also reports that Naru will have a song on the upcoming Mint Paper compilation LIFE scheduled for release in May – a compilation that will feature songs from plenty of interesting artists, there among a new solo song from Sweater vocalist Earip: [Mintpaper] LIFE 4th Update. Further, it seems Guckkasten will have their first album re-released next week: [Guckkasten] 1st Album Re-Release

While introducing the wonderful Sagitta over at Korea Gig Gudie, Shawn Despres mentions that the folk duo will start recording for a third album this summer: The Sagitta’s One Night Trip.

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