Review roundup

The time has come for another review roundup!

We Are The Punx In KoreaMot 2집 - 이상한 계절러브앤팝 1집 - Love & Pop
Chris Park has reviewed the 2003 compilation that got him into Korean music: We Are the Punx In Korea (펑크대잔치 3집) Review

Also reviewed is the second album of MOT. A great one indeed, although I personally prefer their first: Mot – 이상한 계절 (Strange Season) Review. Oh, and since I don’t think I’ve linked it before, here’s the result of an interview I made with them following the release of Strange Season: A meeting with MOT.

Pastel Music act Love & Pop too has gotten an album reviewed: Love & Pop – Self-titled Review. It’s their only album, release in 2005, and as I recall quite liking it myself (reminded me of why I liked Loveholic so much when they debuted) I’m quite curios to know what happened to them. Any idea?

캐스커 2집 - Skylab3호선 버터플라이 1집 - Self-Titled Obsession플라스틱 피플 (Plastic People) 3집 - Snap
In new Init_Music section OOPs, refresh_daemon expresses wishes to see re-releases from both Casker and 3rd Line Butterfly:
OOPs: Casker – SkyLab
OOPs: 3호산 Butterfly – Self-Titled Obsession

Init_Music also offers a review of the latest Plastic People album that pretty well sums up all I’d like to say about it myself, except I think exactly a third of the songs stand out a bit even though the effect of so many equally good tracks is the same: Inbox: Plastic People – Snap

언니네 이발관 5집 - 가장 보통의 존재
And over at Hyunwoo Sun’s Send Me To Korea, new contributor James introduced the readers to Sister’s Barbershop: Great Vibes from this Barbershop

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