Estella releases in spring

Estella Records
Visiting GMC Records in an attempt to find out what exactly it was I had seen about that Vicious Glare EP, I stumbled upon this release plan from Estella Records. Looking good!

That Apollo 18 will treat the world to two new releases this January should come as no surprise. I promise you’ll learn more about those already later on today.

It seems National Pigeon Unity is about to release their first full length album in March. Haven’t written anything about them here so far, but let me tell you that is definitely a name to look out for if you’re into music meant to be played loud. I had the distinct pleasure of catching them live while in Korea and there was nothing not to like about them. Their releases so far don’t even come close to capturing just how great they really are. As it happens, two songs from July EP 쓰레기 were just uploaded on MySpace: sin of birth (태어난 죄) and TRASH (쓰레기).

Come April, metal/hardcore band Noeazy – another favorite of mine since Korea – will album debut. In May, intense and awesome screamo band LO too will album debut. May is also the month when hiphop hardcore act Firestorm return with a new EP.

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