Shorty Cat, Misty Blue, Apollo 18 reviewed

숄티켓 1집 - I Ain't Be Controlled
More reviews! Chris Park over at wakesidevision has been impressed by girl punk rockers Shorty Cat‘s album from a couple of years ago: Shorty Cat – I Ain’t Be Controlled Review.

미스티 블루 - 1/4 Sentimental Con.Troller: 봄의 언어Apollo 18
refresh_daemon on the other hand, was not particularly impressed by the first quarter of Misty Blue‘s new EP series: Inbox: Misty Blue – 1/4 Sentimental Con.Troller – 봄의 언어.

Although he seems to appreciate Apollo 18‘s debut post-rock EP just as much as I do: Inbox: Apollo 18 – Apollo 18. Don’t forget to listen to their Warm on MySpace if you haven’t already – it’s one of this year’s very best songs!

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  1. refresh_daemon

    I was so impressed by Apollo 18’s debut, I went ahead and purchased their album as soon as I finished listening to their debut.

    I’m still going to give a listen to Misty’s Blue’s second EP. I hope that there’s some streaming available–and if I like what I hear, I’m still going to try it by buying it.

  2. helikoppter

    The blue album doesn’t really have the same style, but once you get past that it’s still pretty good. For more of the debut awesomeness we’ll have to wait for the upcoming violet album ^^


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