Bugs Indie Music Chart w45

The weekend didn’t provide as much time for blogging as I had hoped so I’m about a month behind in my usual release updates. Hopefully I can start updating with the more interesting ones during next week, but till then – here’s the most recent indie chart from Bugs with lots of new releases!

Bugs Indie TOP10 – November 8, 2009
1. Began Who – 별이진다
2. Autumn Vacation – 가을방학 [MySpace]
3. Dr.Core 911The Escape [MV]
4. Avoid TaleI’m Fine
5. Swallow – 두 사람
6. Began Who – 소망 II
7. Lucite Tokki – 손꼭잡고
8. RossyPPFalling In Love
9. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 싸구려 커피 [@ MBC nanjang]
10. Broccoli, you too? – 앵콜요청금지 [@ MBC nanjang]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
13. Yong Won – 소리없는 새벽 (feat. Taru)
47. Playgirl – 밤에 피는 장미 [@ Sketchbook]
55. Dr.Core 911 – Walking To The Sun
59. Playgirl – 얘얘 (with The Moonshiners)
61. Moon Lit – 하늘로 걷다
68. Purple Tarsier – 마음으로 부르는 노래
73. Recipe Band – 내게 보이는 세상
75. Dr.Core 911 – Get Out
80. Jaejoo Boys – 눈 오던 날
83. Time ConcertoNameless Death (2009 Digital Album version) [PV]
85. Kim Min Soo – 누드의 죄 (feat. Ko Joon Gyu)
91. Band Rara – 저만큼

See the full top 100 list here.

Dr.core 911 - The EscapeAfter ten years in the business, nu metal act Dr.Core 911 has returned with 2.5 album The Escape features five new songs. It was released November 3 and from the album info it seems they’ve experimented a bit with britpop melodies for Walking To The Sun.

문릿(Moon Lit) - 하늘로 걷다Modern rock quintet Moon Lit debuted with their first song, 하늘로 걷다, as a digital single on October 29.

보라색안경원숭이 - Purple TarsierPop punk trio Purple Tarsier debuted with a self titled EP on October 29. If you understand Korean you can learn more on them via Sports Seoul.

레시피밴드(Recipe Band) 3집 - Shine DaysFrom what I’ve gathered, Recipe Band is a male trio that debuted with digital album Beautiful Music roughly a year ago. The guys have obviously been very busy, because a third full length album, Shine Days was released October 29 – and they’ve had the time to put out two digital EPs before then as well! With Shine Days it appears they’ve gone from making instrumental music of the easy listening/new age kind to catchy rock stuff.

타임 콘체르토(Time Concerto) - Nameless DeathNeo-classical metal act Time Concerto debuted with three track digital single Nameless Death on October 29. Had I not known differently, their strong melodic sound would have had me guessing they hailed from Finland or Germany instead of Seoul. Metal fans will want to explore their YouTube channel for the Kamelot covers (Forever : Center of the Universe) and their take on Helloween‘s Eagle Fly Free.

김민수 [슈퍼스타 K] - 누드의 죄A participant of Superstar K, Kim Min Soo released a three track digital single called 누드의 죄 on November 3. Looking for a music video or performance on YouTube I found someone calling him the “very fucking freakin World worst singer” and after a brief listen I can attest to the statement in question not being that far off.

Allegedly the second full length album from Band Rara, called Solace – 밴드라라 두번째 이야기, was released October 21. I can not seem to find when they started out and I can’t read their profiles at the Daum Café, but from photos I’ve deduced that it is a mixed group with a total of five members. Got no idea what they sound like either, but the Solace album info mentions something about blues.

3 Comments Bugs Indie Music Chart w45

  1. helikoppter

    I must’ve not been listening to Dr.Core 911 a lot. I was surprised by how synth heavy they were now considering I always thought of them as hardcore punk. Then i realized the first song of theirs I heard was the 현진영 Go 진영 Go cover where they were already doing the hardcore+dance+hiphop thingy, although I had thought that was just to make the song better justice…

    And Swallow definitely deserves to be on that chart! Although not as good as his first, or Lune’s for that matter, I really liked the new album ^^

  2. janet

    The cover reminds me a little of KoRn. But looking at them a few years back and looking at them again now, I’d say they’ve definately changed their image. It also kind of reinforces the idea to me that they are structurally a lot like Linkin Park, synths and all. I really like what I hear. I will probably be following this group. Thanks for the suggestion of 진영!^^


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