Boonga Boonga Book

붕가붕가레코드의 지속가능한 딴따라질
October 20, boonga Boonga Record put out a book called 붕가붕가레코드의 지속가능한 딴따라질. Except for a few brief biographies of bgbg bands and descriptions of bgbg releases I’m not quite sure what it contains, but if you understand Korean you should be able to get a bit more information here. Aladdin offers a book preview.

To make it somewhat more interesting to those who can not digest the actual text, the book comes with an 11 track boonga Boonga compilation CD including a previously unreleased Sultan of the Disco track (일요일 밤의 열기) and a rare Jang Kiha song (만약 니가 아주 나쁜 놈이라면). Full tracklist in section 4 here.

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