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가요톱텐 - No.1 Song Of This Week
Tonight I came across this interesting album at Hyang Music called No.1 Song Of This Week from Gayo Top 10. At first glance maybe it doesn’t seem like much, but taking a look at the tracklist there are too many familiar titles to be a coincidence. Using my beginner Korean skills I’ve deduced that Gayo Top 10 is a remake project group gathering members from pop punk bands Tacopy, Drive Shower, Popstore and Punk Killer, and so they remake old kpop favorites in a pop punk fashion. Being the sucker for covers that I am, here are the titles and (most likely) original artists:

01. 불티 (Jeon Young Rok [perf. w/ Kim Dong Wan from 2007])
02. 질투 (Young Turks Club [+타인 on Dream Concert 1997] <3)
03. 기분 좋은 날 (many different songs have been recorded with this name, but I’m sorta hoping this is supposed to be the Kim Wan Sun one [1989? TV performance])
04. 핑계 (Kim Gun Mo [1993 TV performance])
05. 언젠가는 (Lee Sang Eun [MV])
06. 오직 하나뿐인 그대 (Shim Shin [1991 TV performance])
07. 바람아 멈추어 다오 (Lee Ji Yun [1989 TV performance])
08. 개똥벌레 (Shin Hyung Won [somewhat recent TV performance])
09. 사랑할거야 (ought to be a new take on Baekdoosan‘s song with the same name from 1992)
10. D.D.D (?)
+ Bonus track is 핑계 from above recorded together with No Brain, but there is also a hidden track called 둘리- I’m guessing that would be the Dooly Theme Song.

Listen to the Gayo Top 10 demo version of 오직 하나뿐인 그대 on MySpace! If you’re interested in the rest, the CD is out on September 28.

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  1. Janet Kupelian

    Man, it is pretty much impossible to find 백두산’s 사랑할거야 online. If anyone can find a version you can hear online, please post it!

    I liked both GT10’s and Shim Shin’s version of 오직 하나뿐인 그대. ^^

    I am a video junkie, so thank you SO much for all the great video links. Looks like it will be a fun album!

    For some reason though, when I tried to go to, my computer said ‘warning malicious software’ lol
    I doubt there is anything malicious about it, but I wonder if only I had this problem?

  2. helikoppter

    Had never heard of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, but yeah, it does seem like it. is a malicious site for me too nowadays, but it used to be ok.. Don’t know why all these seemingly harmless Korean sites get those warnings – I have the same problem with SSamnet related sites :(

    I’m usually not that much for videos myself, but I love watching these old performances! Glad you enjoyed them too ^^


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