Three releases from four days ago

나비다 (Nabida) - 나를 안아주세요렘피카 (Lempicka) - Dool인센스 (Incense) - Incense
Looking over the Korea Indie section at Hyang, I found three releases from July 22 not previously covered on this blog:

Nabida has released her second single, 나를 안아주세.요. The title track has an interesting jazz/tango sound (I wish I was better at recognizing genres…), whereas the other song on the single, 우주선, is intriguing electronica. Both can be sampled at Hyang.

Lempicka released a digital single called Burn Incense in 2006. Now the five songs on Burn Incense have been released on CD in the company of four tracks more for a release called Dool. Hyang has samples of what appears to be some kind of slow-paced, instrumental rock with plenty of reverberation and somewhat eerie elongated electronic sounds, kinda like ZzzAaM in their more depressive moments (which is how I like them best).

Incense released a self-titled CD. Hyang has samples for five out of the eight tracks – sounds pretty much like Lempicka, except less rock-ish and more new age-ish. Sorta…

I have no actual proof to back my claim, but I’m thinking that Lempicka and Incense may be two different aliases for the same person(s). Not only do the covers of the albums have the same style, but the music does too. In addition to being released on the same day, both CDs are self-released. And then there’s the title of Lempicka’s old Burn Incense which is suspiciously similar to just Incense. Does anybody know if there is any actual relation between the two?

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