Pentaport music

And while we’re on the subject of Pentaport: If you visit the Pentaport Rock Festival 2009 site you will find a music player in the upper right corner that can be used to listen to any and all of these songs:
– Loro’s: Dream
– Hollow Jan: Empty
– CrystalRain: Eternal Love
– Schizo: Fight
– Rux: FOOT STEPS (range)
– 99Anger: Friends You’ve Killed
– Moonshiners: Lonely Lonely
– Boohwal: Lonely Night
– Kingston Rudieska: SKAFICTION
– Sugar Donut: Wego Wego
– Transfixion: 고백
– Galaxy Express: 난 어디로
– GoGo Star: 낫 디스코 벗 디스코 (Not Disco But Disco)
– Huckleberry Finn: 낯선두형제
– Cocore: 너뿐이야
– Hanumpa: 도미노
– Seoul Electric Music Band: 종소리
– The Black Skirts: 좋아해 줘
– Guckkasten: 파우스
– N.EX.T: 해에게서 소년에게

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