Shingaram features members of Crash & Hollow Jan

신가람밴드 - =cptr0kxv
I was just browsing the upcoming releases section at Hyang and one release in particular caught my interest (there were a few others, but more on those later): Shingaram (or River Shin, as might be the international name) will release an album called =cptr0kxv on June 16. Now it wasn’t the title that got me, but I found a couple of interesting names in the tracklist: There’s former Crash guitarist Yoon Doo Byoong featured on the first track, 너만, and Hollow Jan‘s vocalist Lim Hwan Taek featured on Run Away and Twinkling Cold Eyes – should make for some pretty hardcore music. I read a bit further and found that the final track is a cover of The Classic‘s 마법의성 (remember DBSK/TVXQ’s Magic Castle?). And then I found myself at YouTube watching the music video for 슬픈라디오 (Sad Radio). Regular (teenage) rock stuff was not quite what I had expected but it was definitely good enough to be interesting. And that doesn’t mean there won’t be some heavy guitars and high quality screaming and all that comes with on that album anyway. Quite intriguing, this potential mix, I think. In a week we’ll find out.

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