Which is the best song off Pavlov’s EP debut?

파블로프 (Pavlov) - 반드시 크게 들을 것
Finishing off a busy week I figured it was time to finally get on with that Pavlov focus I mentioned earlier. See, since they didn’t get one of their songs in February’s MAP post I’ll put one of their songs in the March post instead. With the help from a couple of select friends I did pick a song for February, but I figured now that it didn’t happen I have the chance to get an opinion on their material from you too.

So please visit MySpace where you can listen to all of the songs from Pavlov’s EP debut, 반드시 크게 들을 것, and then visit Indieful ROK to vote for your favorite! If you feel up to it you are also more than welcome to tell me why you made your choice (through a comment, email, or whatever you feel more comfortable with) and you might just end up with one of the two Pavlov CDs I intend to give away to a couple of the nice people helping me out. Let’s say you have till Mars 7 to make up your mind.

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