Breathless dates in Gothenburg

Breathless poster
The program for Göteborg International Filmfestival 2008 went public yesterday and so we learn that Breathless – complete with The Invisible Fish‘s music – will be screened on three days: January 30-31 and February 1. It’s shown as part of the First Cut section: “Meet tomorrow’s great film hope here!”. More info here.

The Swedish version of the movie page offers a brief review by Hynek Pallas. Loosely translated it reads

Ik June Yang who wrote Breathless based the movie on his own life and also chose to direct and play the main character. A brutal dun meets a school girl that like himself comes from a violent home, whereupon their lives are interlaced. Breathless depicts the Korean macho identity from a capturing humanly perspective – a Korean version of “kitchen sink realism” that, unlike other Korean movies where violence is used in a routine manner, depicts its consecquenses, especially for children. The handheld camera and Ik Junes style of acting – constantly tense, ready to explode – gives the movie an excellent nerviness.

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