Naebang does not dance

안신나는 땐스뮤직 스폐샬
An interesting compilation album from Naebang Ground Musician Label was released on December 16: 안신나는 땐스뮤직 스폐샬. Plenty of weird, fun, lo-fi music on there it seems. There’s 푼돈들, whose 내 이름은 은하의 총잡이 츄바카 was one of my favorites off the Star Wars Project Compilation 2008, and there’s Anakin Project, whose Skywalker from the same album wakes me up every morning. And sweet electronica flavored NoiTyPoon have recorded a new song for the compilation as well!

Three short samples are available at Hyang and a couple of related videos have been posted on YouTube: Anakin Project’s 깡깡총 체조 and NoiTyPoon’s Twinkle.

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