Mark Russell’s favorite releases of 2008

Mark Russell's Choice 2008
Just like I did last week, Mark Russell (author of Pop Goes Korea and admin of Korea Gig Guide) has put forward his choice of albums of 2008 for London Korean Links. He too picked I&I Djangdan‘s Culture Tree and EE‘s Curiosity Kills, but also on the list are Vidulgi OoyOo‘s aero, Oriental Lucy‘s 오리엔탈루시즘, Pastel Music 5th Anniversary, Hot Potato‘s The Journey Of Cultivating A Potato Field and more. Go here to read his comments on them all.

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  1. Philip

    Thanks for the link to Hot Potato, which I’ll add to Mark’s post.

    Jenny Wu also had Hot Potato in her list, but she hasn’t had a chance to write an article this year



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