Bo Whang is back with the new SmackSoft

황보령 2.5집 - Smacksoft
More than seven years after releasing her second album, Bo Whang released her 2.5 on December 24. The title, SmackSoft, was also the name of the band she once was in together with donawhale‘s guitarist and a couple of people more. Sample 그리운사람 (memoirs) at Hyang.

1 Comment Bo Whang is back with the new SmackSoft

  1. indieROK

    Wow, thanks for this good news. Will have to pick this up immediately. In my personal pantheon of Korean indie rock Hwang BoRyeong is a legendary figure.

    Her first album was one of the first Korean CDs I bought and it still holds up as one of the best.

    The world-weariness in her voice is something special, and then when she cranks it up and rocks out… yeah! Powerful stuff.


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