PiPi Band’s Yunees in new electropop act

EE - Curiosity Kills
Remember PiPi Band’s peculiar female vocalist, Lee Yoon Jeong? Now she’s teamed up with Lee Hyun Joon and Mr.E (both new names to me) for electropop constellation EE. The first digital single, 80s influenced Curiosity Kills, was released on September 18. In addition to the title track, a song called Monkey Defense is included in the release – both also available in mixes by Rollercoaster‘s DJ Jinu. Most intriguing!

2 Comments PiPi Band’s Yunees in new electropop act

  1. indieROK

    Sweet! Thanks for the tip, I love Lee Yoon Jeong. Her voice is always strangely compelling. Her first solo album is (I think) still one of the better Korean electronic efforts.


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