The Meaning of Fish, Part I: The Invisible Fish

Since there’s been more fish than usual here this weekend (Doctor Fish, The Invisible Fish, Mulgogi) I think we could just as well start off a new irregular feature here at Indieful ROK: The Meaning of Fish.

Allow me to explain: For a couple of years now, orienkorean and myself have been curious about the frequent use of “fish” in Korean band names. Just looking to my own playlist now I found traces of 12 such bands – there’s bound to be even more out there. Can this really be a coincidence? Well, I’ve done some investigations and will henceforth present my results right here at this blog. There’s still a long way to go and any readers are more than welcome to chirp in if you know anything about this intriguing subject. Anyhow:

The Meaning of Fish, Part I: The Invisible Fish
In the un-edited words of The Invisible Fish’s only member, Jung Sang Hoon:

my star sign is Pisces. and I like it.

[The Invisible Fish] ?
it contains me (or everyone)
who exists but doesn’t appear when you see widely,
disappearing after the moment (the life) passes.

There you go. No great conspiracy unveiling yet, but who knows what we will find as we continue?

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