PAKK – 곡소리 (A Wail)

When I first listened to PAKK‘s 곡소리 (A Wail) it felt like coming home. The EP opens with a cacophony of guitar, bass and drums before finding more of a structure. When the song gets going the progression is similar to that of Apollo 18. The guitar is laying down the melody supported by a… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with PAKK

On the 1st of November 2015, Atmo announced that the band would henceforth be known as PAKK. PAKK is led by Kim Daeinn aka jellyboy who just so happens to be one of my favorite musicians since about a decade ago. For some background on PAKK, check out IROK’s mini-interview with Atmo from 2014. While… Continue reading

Randomness #22

So, Christmas is coming up again and just like in previous years I failed to get any sort of advent calendar style countdown going. Not that I’m really the Christmas-y type. It’s just that I’ve had this idea that I think would appeal both to those that are and those that don’t care at all… Continue reading