[History] Hello Rookies 2014

I frequently find myself looking up former contestants of Hello Rookie when writing small info snippets for various posts. Since the competition started in 2007 a large number of great bands and solo artists has gotten a share of the spotlight, and it’s particularly fun to see how the now more famous acts have evolved…. Continue reading

Randomness #25

After a week back on a “normal” schedule, I can’t help but miss the long nights/mornings I could enjoy during that one glorious week when I would do my main sleep in the afternoon and wake up in the evening. Now I’m back to feeling too tired to do anything worthwhile in the evenings after… Continue reading

Hello Rookies of September 2014

With the first monday this August happening in the middle of Korea’s vacation season, the live audition for the September edition of Hello Rookie instead took place on August 11th. The two winners can be seen on the monthly Hello Rookie special on EBS Space 공감 to be broadcast on September 1st.   Hello Rookie… Continue reading