The Black Skirts’ 201 remastered

검정치마 (The Black Skirts) - 201 (SPECIAL EDITION)
A couple of days ago, March 18, indie sensation The Black Skirts‘ popular debut album, 201, was re-released in a special edition. To make it special, not only have all songs from the original release been remastered, but three bonus tracks have been added: A Korean version of Stand still from 2007; a recording of I like watching you go – a title that could also be found on My Feet Don’t Touch The Ground (And I’m So Winded I Can’t Sing For You Today) released under Bryan’s own name last year; and a song called Fling; Fig from france. If you have somehow missed out on Bryan’s catchy powerpop tracks till now, I’d suggest a visit to MySpace to hear the original 201 versions of 좋아해줘 (Like Me) and Stand still.

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  1. chopstick-yeti

    I listened to the 2 new songs on youtube and I have to say I like them, both.
    As for Stand Still it was already a nice track to begin with so there was no big difference to me.
    It’s great to see they’re still active (I didn’t hear much about them since 201)


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