April’s ROKON Indie Music Magazine is now available from the site. Of special interest this month: goofy Super Kidd on the cover and in a one page article (pg.12). Also a snapshot from Crash‘s performance during last month’s Arch Enemy concert (pg.4).

Zitten interviewed!

There’s an article on Pastel Music‘s new signee Zitten posted on London Korean Links today: A Meeting with Zitten. I wrote it after an email interview with the vocalist, Yong-Wook, a couple of weeks ago. While making friends with him I was lucky enough to get a full preview of the upcoming album, Fragile, and… Continue reading

Presenting: Ruby Salon Record

A while ago I had an email interview with the founder and the overseas marketer of Ruby Salon. The questions revolved around running a small label in Korea and digital singles. From the answers I wrote something for London Korean Links, posted today: Ruby Salon and the digital singles phenomenon