Moonshine is back

From mrkwang we learn that not only did black metal duo Moonshine return with their third album, Eternal, a few days ago but that two full samples (Isolated and Moonshine Madness) and an album sampler from it are available for streaming from MySpace. Apparently they’re more dark gothic than black metal now and I’m not… Continue reading

New Sweater album!

Finally, more than four years since the band’s 2.5, Sweater has returned with a full album! This one’s called Highlights and it was released May 29 on Lollipop Music. Earip revealed that it was on its way in an interview with Lunapark6 in 2006 so they must’ve been working on it for quite some time…. Continue reading

Digital single from Lilac Wine

New band Lilac Wine released a digital single called Bittersweet on Ruby Salon May 27. There’s a cellist and they’re making some sweet laidback jazzy tunes with vocals in English. Have a listen to the first track, Party, on the blog of Jelly Boy (who from what I can tell is responsible for the artwork).

Another song from The Pony

The third song off indie rock band The Pony‘s debut digital single, 왼편에서, was posted on the Ruby Salon blog for sampling a while ago: 밤 새 미친 사랑을 나눠요. If you have yet to hear the other two songs from that single – have a look at our first post on them.

Updates on the way!

I’d like to apologize for the complete lack of updates the past couple of weeks and would also like to announce that updates will get more frequent from here on. I’m also working on a few specials that I hope you’ll enjoy, but more on that later!

New songs from 10

Experimental duo 10 – the joint project of Korea’s itta and Japan’s marqido – has a bunch of new songs up on MySpace. itta tells us they’re currently making some exciting plans for the autumn. I can’t reveal anything more right now, but I will keep you posted ^^