Rocket Diary Project We Are The Night Release First Album

Electro rock band We Are The Night is the new project of emo-punk act Rocket Diary. The first digital single Melancholy showed up in March this year and second single This Is It came out in early April. The self-titled debut album is set to follow suit on April 25th, including both songs from the singles alongside 9 titles more. SounTruck vocalist Im Sun Young is featured on a song called “Fine”.

Although they haven’t been performing for long under the name We Are The Night, there are already plenty of videos on YouTube available for anyone that wishes to sample their sound.

2. “뜨거운 너는 내게 말했지”


4. “This is it”


5. “안녕”


7. “확대”


9. “Melancholy”

Via: Hyang Music; Bugs Music 1, 2

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