Bugs Indie Music Chart week 37

Bugs indi music chart
More Top Band on the Bugs chart this week. Here’s hoping I can finally get those recaps up this week.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – September 17, 2011
1. 10cm – 기타로 오토바이를 타자
2. 10cm – 안아줘요 [live]
3. 2StayNo.1 [Top Band]
4. PoeHey Jude [Top Band]
5. Toxic – 나 어떡해 [Top Band]
6. Bye Bye Sea – 바보버스 [Tribute90]
7. 10cm – 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 [Music Travel Lalala]
8. Broken ValentinePoker Face [Top Band]
9. TeteRomantico [MV]
10. Chang Kiha & The Faces – 그렇고 그런 사이 [MV]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
19. Axiz – 고래사냥 [Top Band]
23. Purple Sweet – 마법처럼 (Like A Magical Moment) [@ Club Auteur]
38. 2Lson – 버리러 가는 길 (feat. Soy of Raspberry Field) [MV]
42. LaKinRad – 그대와 왈츠를 (narrated by Kim Byul)
49. Milktea – 라면왕 [MV]
64. Linus’ BlanketStop Liking, Start Loving
83. Purple Sweet – 어느날
91. Purple Sweet – 오랜만이야
92. Milktea – 수줍은 고백송
95. Milktea – 왕자, 백마탄

See the full top 100 list here.

퍼플 스위트 (Purple Sweet) - A Delight TravelIndie pop act Purple Sweet released her first EP, A Delight Travel, on September 15. For the recording she’s been backed by Serengeti and keyboardist Choi Joo Young. Check out this EP sampler on YouTube. Hear what she sounded like when opening for girl rock band Nia here.

투엘슨 - 버리러 가는 길2Lson debuted with the release of single Hocus-Pocus end of February this year and followed up with the R&B flavored single Please Come Baby on August 18. On September 16 came indie pop single 버리러 가는 길 which in addition to the title track came with a guitar version of I’m Gonna Stick With You.

라킨라드 - 그대와 왈츠를Ilac is back with another release under the moniker LaKinRad. On September 16 the debut EP was followed by digital single Waltz with you, holding only the song with the same name – 그대와 왈츠를.

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