First album from Linus’ Blanket out this week

라이너스의 담요 (Linus' Blanket) 1집 - Show Me Love
After years and years of waiting, fans of super lovely indie pop band Linus’ Blanket can look forward to the release of first full length album, Show Me Love, already on this Friday, August 5! The album offers new versions of Picnic, Labor in Vain, and Walk and also includes a song called Gargle featuring Bryan Cho of The Black Skirts.

With Linus’ Blanket now being a duo a number of wellknown names have been involved in the making. Doe Jaemyoung of Loro’s has been playing the drums throughout. Chang Kiha & The Faces bassist Jeong Jung Yeop played the guitar for more than half the songs and assisted with a bit of bass playing as well. Kingston Rudieska provided the brass sound for the title track as well as three songs more. Sweet Sorrow and former Hollow Jan vocalist Lim Hwan Taek contributed with chorus on Picnic and 고백 respectively. Jowall has produced and arranged Music Takes Us To The Universe. To top it off DJ Soulscape has been the mixing engineer and sound supervisor for the entire album.

I’ve written about the album title track before, but here’s another reminder to get a taste of the band’s new sound from the music video for Show Me Love.

5 Comments First album from Linus’ Blanket out this week

  1. helikoppter

    I was lucky enough to hear part of it (without vocals) a couple of years back and really liked the new fresh jazzy sound. I too am super curious to hear how it turned out in the end.

  2. helikoppter

    They officially started work on the album in January 2008, if I’m not mistaken. It’s been “almost done” for at least a couple of years, but from what I’ve heard they’ve been changing a bit here, a bit there all along. Hope they’re finally all satisfied now :)


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