Hyang Music Album Chart week 21

Hyang Music Album Chart
No newcomers made it to the TOP10 of Hyang Music‘s album sales chart first week of June, but some new names did make their way to other positions.

Hyang Chart – 1st week of June, 2011
1. Thomas CookJourney
2. MongooseCosmic Dancer
3. Dalmoon28
4. AchimeHyperactivity
5. 10cm1.0
6. Glen CheckDisco Elevator
7. Monni단 한번의 여행
8. Sogyumo Acacia BandCiaosmos
9. NuncoMurder’s High
10. Yim Jae BumMemories

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
27. Joyful Island1st Mini Album
38. Electric Eel충전
45. Apgujeong Grunge압구정그런지
48. Kyu Won스스로 떠나는 사람들
55. SacrificeBreed For War
59. 가당찮간절기의 간지
62. Samack Dolphin사막 돌고래
79. MelanKoly StudioRubellite

See the full top 100 list here.

신나는 섬 - 1st Mini AlbumAcoustic band Joyful Island plays music in the style of polka, swing, and Irish traditional with its members playing accordion, violin, djembe, guitar, and contrabass. The sextet’s 1st Mini Album was released on June 7.

전기뱀장어 - 충전Indie rock act Electric Eel CD debuted with the release of EP 충전 on June 2. You can check out the sound through the official YouTube channel, where plenty of samples for each song on the EP are available: 너의 이빨; 스테이크; 비밀; 자외선; 구조지질학.

압구정그런지 - 압구정그런지Four member indie rock band Apgujeong Grunge released its first self titled mini album, 압구정그런지, on June 3. An all too brief sample of main track 별이진다네 can be found on Hyang Music.

새크리파이스 (Sacrifice) 2집 - Breed For WarOn June 2 metal band Sacrifice followed the 2007 debut album Burning Rage with second full length album Breed For War on June 2. Hyang Music offers a brief sample of the title track. For more check out the YouTube channel of Sacrifice vocalist Ozzahn.

가당찮 - 간절기의 간지가당찮 released a 17 track album called 간절기의 간지 on June 5. The sound varies between tracks but should be somewhere in the realm between hiphop, electronica, and rock. Hyang Music offers samples for three tracks.

사막 돌고래 - 사막 돌고래Modern rock act Samack Dolphin’s self-titled debut album, 사막 돌고래, was released for digital distribution on April 28 and has since been self-released on CD. It includes the song 황야, released as a digital single in February this year. Hyang Music offers a brief sample of 익명 글 (No Name Writing)

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