Pastel Music’s 3rd Phase of Love

Follow You, Follow Me (사랑의 단상 Chapter. 3)
Following more than a two year hiatus, as announced previously Chapter 3 of Pastel Music‘s 사랑의 단상 series is on the way. The release date has been set to May 31 and the title has been changed to Follow you, Follow me.

The tracklist includes names familiar from previous Pastel compilations (Lovelybut, Yi Jin Woo, Herz Analog, Casker‘s Yoong Jin) as well as more established Pastel artists (Hee Young, Fanny Fink) and some at least in this context new acquaintances (solo work from Casker’s Juno; the mysterious Gros-Câlin; electronica act Allegrow; and singer/songwriter a boy next door). Visit Pastel Music to sample the tracks from Allegrow and Herz Analog.

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