Monni’s 3rd album available as free download

몽니 (Monni) 3집 - 단 한번의 여행몽니 (Monni) - New Moment
Thanks to Un0m3 I found out not only that Monni released a brand new album, their third full length 단 한번의 여행, on March 25, but also that it’s available as a free download from Mnet until March 30. Check out the third album introduction video here.

Two of the songs on the album, 너 떠나버린 그 집 앞 and 영원한 여름, where both released on digital single New Moment already on December 10 last year, during which time 너 떠나버린 그 집 앞 was promoted with a music video. New album track 단 한번의 여행 features Nine9, the strong vocalist of Dear Cloudhere is a really nice live recording without her if you wish to sample the song. And here is a very recent performance of album main track 망설이지 마요.

According to Soompi, both the guitarist and bassist of Jaurim helped out in the making of this new album: Indie Band, Monni Releases Third Album

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