Bugs Indie Music Chart week 6

Bugs indi music chart
This week the indie chart from Bugs makes it seem like there is only one duo that really matters in Korean indie music right now. As some songs have a tendency to hang around the top for long I’m very curious to see how long this will last.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – February 12, 2011
1. 10cm – 그게 아니고
2. 10cm – 우정, 그 씁쓸함에 대하여 [@ Anthracite]
3. 10cm – Talk
4. Art of PartiesRecover [live]
5. 10cm – 아메리카노 [recandplay.net]
6. 10cm – 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요 [MV]
7. 10cm – Good Night [@ Anthracite]
8. 10cm – 새벽 4시 [@ Veloso]
9. Broccoli, you too? – 사랑한다는 말로도 위로가 되지 않는 [@ Sketchbook]
10. 10cm – 눈이 오네 [recandplay.net]

No new additions to the TOP100 list besides the top 3 tracks.

See the full top 100 list here.

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