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In May 2010 Sky Real Book 1, the first in a series of electronic music releases, came out. It gathered 20 songs from Tama Rhodes, Aquibird‘s DJ Magik Cool J, First Aid, Cookey, and NYD. Fast forward seven months, and three more releases in the series are out.

Sky Real Book 2 was released on December 16 and with as many tracks as the first edition also included a couple of songs from G.Fla keyboardist Geol.

Sky Real Book 3 came out on December 20. Again 20 tracks strong, this time also introducing songs from Joshua.J, kimparkchella, SoulFish, and Nuol.

Sky Real Book 4 has been out since December 22. Yet another 20 track release this was the first in the series to see a contribution from Gagsox.

More details here: #2 : #3 : #4

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  1. Dalice

    Hi, I know I am a little late getting on the Sky Realbook bandwagon, but I have been searching for this collection (#4 in particular) for ages. Do you know of any viable links of where I can find it for purchase or download? I would appreciate it greatly and would trade you cookies for it.


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