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Postino - Attention이스턴 클라우드 (Eastern Cloud) - <br data-recalc-dims=Eastern Cloud”id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5505359969951350722″ />
London based electronica guy Postino has a bunch of new music out.

On August 4 he released new single Attention that already have achieved some very positive reviews: JunoDownload Featured Deep House Releases : Eastlondonlines. Listen to all four mixes on SoundCloud.

Come August 12, Postino’s new project Eastern Cloud CD debuted with the release of a self-titled single. In addition to an intro and several remixes of a self-titled song, the single also included a couple of remixes of Postino’s Sailor & Gambler, including one from StardonE. All of this single too can be sampled from SoundCloud.

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