Cocore in Groove Korea

Cocore - Relax
The August issue of Groove Korea and this month it features an article from Shawn Despres on Cocore. Download the full magazine in pdf format from Groove, or head over to Cocore’s news board for the article! It’s well worth a read, and among other things mentions that guitarist Hwang Myung Soo’s upcoming SF novel A Letter from Pluto will be accompanied by a bunch of new songs that weren’t included on the band’s recently released fifth full length album Relax.

Speaking of Relax, Shawn writes that it “features a smorgasbord of styles including rock, blues, surf and psychedelic music with ukulele, hand claps and chanted and spoken word vocals being added to the mix”. I’ve had a listen myself, and as strange as it may sound that’s all on there. Some of it a bit grungy, some that made me think of Beck, and some (유체이탈 in particular) reminiscing the sound from vocalist Lee Woo Sung’s Sagitta on Hello Stranger.

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