A couple of 4-track releases from new bands

스윙체어 (SwingChair) - Step로맨틱펀치 (Romantic Punch) - Romantic Punch
Three member band SwingChair debuted with a single called Step on June 30. Light, acoustic summery music with sweet female vocals. Juice Media currently keeps a video showing SwingChair covering several songs in different styles on the front page, but if you want to know what Step sounds like you’re better off heading to Hyang Music for a set of brief samples.

Five member band Romantic Punch debuted with a mini-album called Romantic Punch on July 1. Two tracks from the release can be sampled from the band page on SSamzie Sound Festival 11th: Fake with something of a funk rock sound, and 내일로 Jump! which is better placed in the catchy pop/rock category. If you want to watch the band in action, a visit to balanceTV could prove a good idea.

2 Comments A couple of 4-track releases from new bands

  1. helikoppter

    I liked what I heard from SwingChair in that Juice Media video, but I’ a bit more hesitant regarding those Hyang samples. Hopefully till next time they’ll be able to put some more of that energy on recorde :)


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