Oh Ji Eun’s second album out on April 22

오지은 2집 - 지은
After releasing her first album four times, on April 22 the time has finally come for Oh Ji Eun to release her second album a first time. Though the title of the album remains the same, 지은, the songs are new. Two of them can be sampled at Hyang where you can also watch a short promo vid for the album. If you are unfamiliar with her strong vocals and beautiful melodies, a visit to Oh Ji Eun’s MySpace to listen to some first album tracks – hwa in particular – is highly recommended.

2 Comments Oh Ji Eun’s second album out on April 22

  1. placidian

    releasing her first album four times!!
    ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.’ (that’s an American saying, I think)
    Her songs are nice and gentle, and I’m listening to her MySpace right now. Thank you!

  2. helikoppter

    Actually I think it’s the success that made her release it so many times – all previous editions have gone out of print :)

    Oh, did you listen to Lune yet? Not sure if it’s exactly your kind of music, but I’m loving her Absinthe album right now. Somebody is uploading a bunch of tracks at YouTube right now, if you want to hear more than the brief samples at Hyang.


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