Weekly Review Roundup, week 40

Hip hop duo Leessang‘s seventh full length album has proved very popular over the last couple of months. Earcandy Express has given the album a thorough review, paying attention the respective tracks featuring 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol, Windy City, Kang San-eh, an Guckkasten: LeeSsang AsuRa BalBalTa refresh_daemon has just finished his Nell review series…Replay: Nell… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 38

Since it’s Monday, here’s a look at some of the reviews posted last week: refresh_daemon has revisited his collection with a spot-on review of Loveholic‘s second album and he also has plenty of good things to say about the album debut of Yellow Monsters:– Replay: Loveholic – Invisible Things– Inbox: Yellow Monsters – Yellow Monsters… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 37

A quick roundup of some reviews I’ve spotted recently: A couple of reviews at Init_Music:– Replay: Plastic People – Folk, Ya!– Replay: 투명물고리 – Through The Glass Wall(I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either myself) A couple of reviews at wakesidevision:– J. Rabbit – It’s Spring Review– Linus’ Blanket – Show Me Love Review A couple… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 36

Some reviews from last week: Offered by refresh_daemon at Init_Music:– Replay: MOT – 이상한 계절– Inbox: Rumble Fish – Open the Safe– Replay: 고양이 이야기 Offered by Chris Park at wakesidevision:– 이씬 (Esssin) – Esssin 1st Review– (자우림) Jaurim – Conspiracy Review– 피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) – Radiostar Review– Romantic Punch – It’s Yummy Review–… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 35

Some reviews Mark Russell has been given the opportunity to pre-listen to the Shin Joong Hyun releases Light In The Attic Records has been working on: Shin Joong-hyun Like You’ve Never Heard Him. The Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun 1958-74 2LP will be out tomorrow, September… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 30

A bunch of reviews from last week: Another stellar review, courtesy of Impossible Black Tulip, this time covering the latest digital single from Bossa Dabang: 리뷰 Review: “사랑, 그 끝없는” ~ 보싸다방 (나희경과 로베르토 메네스칼) “Um Amor” ~ Bossadabang (Na Hee-Kyung & Roberto Menescal) Johnelle of Seoulbeats has grown fond of 10cm‘s take on 잊어야… Continue reading